Sunbio Growing On The Base Of Customer'S Trust

1993 1994 & 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
Established the Sunbio Co., Ltd, company factory and research Center in gyenggi-do gimpo-si Started manufacturing for domestic market. Acquired Medical devices manufacturing license by the Ministry of Food & Drug safety. Acquired Conformity European (CE) Certificates. Selected as the Promising Small & Medium Enterprise in medical Devices field by Small & Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency. Exported for south East Asian market
2000-2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2010
Market Exploration and Exported for China and Japan Appointed as a member of FIR Association in South Korea Selected as the “Venture Enterprise with a New Technology” by Small & Medium Business Administration Acquired medical device manufacturing certificates from USA Food & Drug Administration. Selected as the best medical devices products by KSA, Korea Standard Association Clean Workplace Certification (Korea Occupational Safety and Healthy Agency)Research Institute Certificate (Korea Industrial Technology Association) Launched SB-2100/SB-2000 Acquired Korean GMP for manufacture and quality management Standard of medical appliance from the Korea Food and Drug Administration. Launched SB-100 /SB-200 Patent for Sunbio ceramic design (20-2010-3807) Medical device manufacturing license (No. 3221) Launched cervical vertebra correction device
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Registered the trademark of Sunbio 40-0890350 Launched SB-1000 Gained medical device license of the royal quantam master (30-0608153)(30-0608172) Launched GD - S100 Launched SB-1050/ SB-700,GD-800/GD-1150 Co-Operated with UTAH foreign trade Association Registered Medical FTA Country of origin certification R & D Department was approved by Korea Industrial Technology Assoociation Launched SB-400/SB-300 Product Supply Contract with Japan Silicon Fusion Research Institute MOU signed and established headquarter in Malaysia MOU signed and established headquarter in russia with New tell group Launched SB-king /SB-queen/SB-single/SB-super single Ultrasonic medical device overseas certification Established Sunbio Local corporation Mother's Day event "Takashi" big feast MOU signed and established headquarter in Vietnam Launched medical electromagnetic generator SM-300H. Launched SB-600/SB-500/SB-620/SB-700 Honored by Trust Brand Award Launched SB-300BK/SB-100BK/SB-640BK/SB-500BK/ SB-620BK/SB-470BK/SB1100 Launched SB-1000/ SB-480/SB-2100D/SB-2100QD Recognized by Ministry of Science & Technology for our World Class medical products Launched 5 kinds of personal warmer SB-600 and others
Sunbio Established in India 2017