Bio ceramic technology follows the order of the universe and maximizes this order to create a natural energy which is used in Sunbio co ltd ,

It is a bio ceramic regenerative ceramic energy made from the hexagonal energy and advanced technology of Sun bio (NT=Nano-technique) that maximizes the effect of far-infrared radiation through the principle of space energy of the Pyramid, a force which is created from the cross section of a triangle of a pyramid and color change due to temperature change.

About Pyramid Energy

The term “pyramid” refers to a three-dimensional object with a polygonal (triangular, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon etc) base which is connected with triangular lateral surfaces, all meeting at one point called apex of the pyramid. Pyramid power refers to the folk belief that the ancient Egyptian pyramids and objects of similar shape can confer a variety of benefits. Among these assumed properties are the ability to preserve foods, sharpen or maintain the sharpness of razor blades, improve health, function “as a thought-form incubator”, and cause other effects.

It is true, that meditation can be done at all places and at all times. However, if we do meditation while sitting in a Pyramid, we will receive more universal energy, i.e. cosmic energy. The Pyramid is like a magnifying lens.

Sun rays are everywhere, but if these sun-rays are focused at a point by using a magnifying lens, even a paper kept at this point will burn. If the sun-rays are not focused, the paper remains intact. Similarly, cosmic energy is everywhere. The basic source for this cosmic energy is cosmic consciousness. Cosmic energy is the basis for physical atomic energy. This cosmic energy exists everywhere. The instrument to focus this cosmic energy is the Pyramid. The word “Pyramid”, can be split in two parts – these are ‘pyra‘and ‘mid‘.

Pyramid is resonant to the earth’s magnetic field and creates a life force energy. ‘Pyra‘means fire and ‘Mid‘ indicates a position in the centre or in the ‘middle’ So Pyramid is actually “Fire in the middle”. Fire in the middle is an apt description for the natural life energy force that is found in the center of the Pyramid.

When energy is focused, it gets stronger and its strength doubles or triples. If the strength is increased further, then fire emerges. So, to get the maximum energy from the pyramid, we have to sit in the middle of this fire i.e. pyra + mid! For the focusing energy to be maximum, a pyramid should be aligned towards the true North – South at an angle of 51° 51′ 51″

How does pyramids work on human body?

A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies. With regular use, the pyramid will help to create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.

The shape of Pyramid is like the Carbon Atom which is one of the base structures of creation. The Carbon Atom is a tetrahedron and has the inherent characteristic that when aligned to magnetic north is rings and sings. The pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the earth’s magnetism.

Head Pyramids helping the brain retain its theta frequency state and waking consciousness while sleeping or meditating. Pyramids generate negative ions. In addition, they are believed to have a generally balancing effect on the body’s electromagnetic field. This effect is greatly enhanced if the materials used, is gold or copper. Charging Crystals is a popular use with pyramids.

Pyramid Feature

01 The 1/3 upper and lower part of a pyramid is applied to the upper and lower part of the human body.

Material energy is strongly acting on the 1/3 lower part of a pyramid and spiritual energy is strongly acting on the 1/3 upper part of the human body. The lower part of the human body is a vortex of material energy and the chest chakra part is a vortex of spiritual energy.

02 Pyramid energy power connects the sky spirit and the ground spirit and then amplifies it.

The apex and the middle part of pyramid have the strongest power and it connects the upper part of sky spirit and lower part of the ground spirit and then amplifies it. The power of the pyramid acts on the outside of the pyramid as well as on the inside so the power connects mutually to amplify itself with the installation of several pyramids.

03 All people know that the far-infrared radiation comes from bio ceramic and red clay and this far-infrared radiation has beneficial effects on living things.

However, there are not many people that know that the far-infrared radiation comes directly from pyramids. The far-infrared radiation, among the FIR rays emitted from the sun, penetrates deeply into the human body unlike other rays and it has biological effects such as promoting metabolism and circulation. The development of far-infrared radiation is actively in progress in foreign countries. But the far-infrared radiation from pyramids is the best and can be used permanently. Also, if we observe a bio ceramic crystal with a microscope, we can check, surprisingly, that it is the shape of a pyramid. If we can accept that far-infrared radiation comes from sun bio ceramic, then we should accept that far-infrared radiation also comes from pyramids. Because Korea is one, where the quality of soil containing pyramids with molecular structures of crystal is best in the world, all plants produced here are the best.

04 Pyramid

All living things in the world are included in the area of influence of and the five elements. The five elements represent the 5 planets of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury within the solar system and Yin and Yang denote the sun and the moon.

Humans are generally effected by saju (fate) in relation to the five elements, but the people out of the influence of saju (fate) are stated as those in harmony of yin and yang in Hwangje-Naegyeong (medical book).

Pyramid energy is higher space energy which transcends the effect of the five elements by absorbing the spirits of sky and ground and amplifying them.

Pyramid is an infinite space energy creation amplification system

The word Pyramid means ‘the center of fire,’ as derived from Ancient Greek. It is used as khft, the word that represents light, or to state it differently, one can also say 『a strong life energy generator

Pyramid is the center of fire - It is a strong life energy generator

Pyramid energy
»  To express it in the modern word, it is a generator of spirit and light energy, space energy, zero point energy, free energy, and transverse and longitudinal wave generators.

»  To explain it dimensionally, it is a multi -dimensional (more than three and four dimensions) energy generation system and to explain it spiritually, it is a generator of material and spiritual energies and bodies, the etheric body and consciousness body life energies.

»  To explain it in terms of modern science and space science, it is an unlimited power space energy generation system by absorbing unlimited space power and releasing by amplification.

Pyramid Energy fundamentally heal incurable diseases

Incurable illness of modern people is cured with a source of energy from a Pyramid. Because Pyramid energy is a high spiritual energy rather than a material energy of the world, to change the human body, it not only improves health, but also enhances emotions and consciousness. Pyramid energy changes the human body fundamentally so cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, atopic dermatitis and mental illness, all of which that modern medicine regards as incurable, are quickly improved. Especially, you can avoid female infertility or having a malformed child, the problems occur frequently these days. Because the problems of infertility and abnormal children are caused by problems of the human body and consciousness (spirit body), it can be solved if the condition of the spirit energy is improved.

Disappearance of the dark subject to low wave, activation of brain and purification contribute to automatic dissolution of headache, insomnia, mental problems or spiritual problems of unknown origin, it activates an endocrine gland such as 송선관, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, the thymus and a sex gland which acts mysteriously on our body. All mismatched illnesses of humans that have been investigated by modern science indicate that the cause of mismatched illnesses primarily comes from imbalance of the endocrine gland.

Pyramid power transforms materials and surroundings

Pyramid Power changes matter into stable energy and the mismatched energy is absorbed to be released. Inside the pyramid, substances quickly and strongly grow. Since they are fermented instead of gone bad, milk is greatly fermented into yogurt. Also, pyramid interior dehydrates and preserves substances, so pork and eggs inside the pyramid are not rotten throughout several years, but preserved as the original forms.

Flowers and fruits placed in the pyramid are dehydrated and dried, a razor blade is restored and used batteries are recharged. If stimulated substances such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are placed on the pyramid, the pungent will disappear and the air will be purified.

If we place water on the pyramid, it changes into spirit energy of hexagonal water, which is good for the body. The water has a smell, increases viscosity and the taste becomes different. If you place medicines and foods in the pyramid model, toxicity and side effect causing ingredients are removed and the property of the substances is well improved.

During the installation of the Pyramid Energy, because wave energy and electrical energy are changed inside, the place becomes an ideal spot. Vein of water and harmful electromagnetic waves are absorbed and removed and if it is installed in a grave, the grave becomes an ideal spot.

It purifies the human body, i.e. emotions and consciousness to a higher level and enhances our personality and spirituality

Hexagonal energy

Hexagonal energy, which means “golden light” in Sanskrit, mainly refers to the product that releases hexagon-shaped energy. It is also believed to be Solomon’s pattern or the Star of David. It is a two-dimensional structure of the pyramid, and the pyramid is a three-dimensional structure of Hexagonal energy.

Shapes can release unique forces. The released force can be good or bad, but it is true that each shape has a different force. Carl Gustav Jung, a psychologist and psychiatrist, had a keen interest in religion and philosophy and he found that shape significantly affects consciousness. This stimulated his interest in myth, religion, alchemy and mysticism while he was on a research tour investigating primitive cultures and how each shape can release its own force. If we see a smiling shape, you will feel pleased. No one feels irritated by seeing a smiling shape. There is a saying that states ‘no one spits on a smiling face,’ and it also means that we will feel happy when we smile even though we are angry.

In this way, it subtly but significantly changes our consciousness and we can also say that the shape releases its unique spirit or force. The thing which affects the consciousness can be said to be the unique spirit the shape has, it has a power to change consciousness.

Even though Jung’s psychology focuses on the influence that shape have on consciousness, generally there are not many people that think that shapes can exert important influences. However, if you see the following examples, you will understand how much influence shape can have on consciousness. With regard to the example of an arrow, most people have same experience regarding the action of the shape. The sharp side of an arrow helps us to pay attention and therefore, our eyes will follow the direction where the arrow is pointed and then we will figure the direction when we see the sign of an arrow, even though we are unable to communicate. The meaning of an arrow is not learned from studying or education but is because of some kind of rules we innately know how to follow.

Tops and pyramid shapes also have same effect with their pointed ends. Our attention naturally focuses on the end of the top. What about the case of a round circle? We draw a circle when we compare something from other scopes and territories. The scope of a circle represents a territory or a world. We usually use an image of a circle to signify a condition without any flaws and which possesses smoothness and maturity. The circle is the best symbol representing wholeness. Having a meeting at a round table creates unity and harmony of opinion.

What would happen if you divided a circle in a straight line? You will identify two features when you see a circle, the symbol of a whole or one is divided into two. Two opposite characteristics of Yang (+) and Yin (-), morning and night, man and woman and good and evil are symbolized from the figure. That is to say, it represents the origin of our consciousness.

In other words, the existence of a woman that is the opposite condition of a man is needed in order to prove that a man is a man. Also, to prove morning is morning, this is possible because the opposite side, night, exists. Like this, the division of a circle creates ‘recognition’ in our consciousness. However, these two are always in opposition and have no movement. We need something else to make it move.

What would happen if a triangle is place in the center of a circle, dividing it into three? A triangle has three sides and apexes but it means that three distinct features appear in a circle. When there are three legs on a chair or a table, they don’t lose balance, but if there are four on them, it usually happens that three out of four legs stand on the ground and there’s a space between the other one and the ground.

As a triangle is located in a stable position, when three different elements and activities (movement) are in action, one united condition must be created as a result.

In other words, creation begins with three elements. A triangle is the most basic figure which creates a dynamic activity when a triangle is connected to our spirit. The space creation starts at 3. Space creation, destruction and regeneration occur by three actions and the activities of three energies, originally meaning one. Religion thinks the number 3 is an important number to express the basic ideology of space creation, including the holy trinity of Christianity, the trinity of Hindu belief, and heaven, earth and man in traditional thinking. A triangle is one of the polygons composed of three apexes and three sides. Three apexes represent the special energy concentration of the shape and the three sides represent the exchange and contact of the three kinds of energy. Each angle from a triangle represents in a simultaneous manner the flow of energy as well as energy concentration. If it is used in relation to the top and bottom, it symbolizes the energy flow in the direction of the top and bottom.

For example, when the apex of a triangle (∇) points downward, it means the creation energy of the trinity points from the sky to the ground. In other words, it represents the creation activity where the spirit is developed as matter. It symbolizes the feminine principle which makes the ground from the sky and it is relevant to Yin when it is classified as Yin and Yang. On the other hand, the apex of a triangle (△) points upward, and it represents the energy flowing to sky from the ground and also returning to the starting point of space. It symbolizes the masculine principle. In addition, these two triangles mean water and fire. It is relevant to Yang when it is classified as Yin and Yang.

Let’s look at the case of a square. The square is the most usual shape which can be seen in our daily lives. The world has an axis of south and north by the rotation of the world on its axis and an azimuth of east and west due to the direction of the rotation. So we can find out that the most basic shape representing the ground is related to the image of the square. People think the ground world, the material world, is the more strong and stable world. When we are linked to the image of a square, it represents the function which fits in with its integrity and has no flexibility.

Let’s look at a pentagon and pentagonal star. Humans have five fingers and five toes, five senses. Like this, the pentagon and pentagonal star have been thought of as being deeply connected to the personality of humans for a long time. The original meaning of the shape has a deep relation with the mind. Therefore, the symbol of the pentagon is used because it strongly displays the energy of the mind. The energy of the mind can act in a good or bad way depending on use. When the power of the mind is used as a technique for the happiness of people, it is called white magic; on the hand, it is called as black magic when it is used egocentrically. In the case of white magic, when the front end of a well-balanced star (☆) is upward, it is used as a symbol for mind concentration but in the case of black magic, it uses a star (☆) the end of which points downward. Even though it is the same star, it causes opposite actions due to its use. Korea prefers this pentagon at present. We don’t know if it is because the shape of Mugunghwa (hibiscus) is pentagon, but the outside shape of every government badge is a pentagon.